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Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise

So the improvement.


I know those instances in gaming. You pick up one game from a particular series, it's the first game from that series you have played and first impressions are everything. You hate said game you pick up, you get rid of it, and never even think of getting a game from said series again. A sequel for this game comes out, and it looks interesting, but you remember the game you played before that you hated. You're unsure of what to do, since you don't want to waste money on another bad game. This scenario could apply to this game.


So, Kim didn't get off to a good start in the video-gaming world with the mediocre Revenge of Monkey Fist. Regardless of that, a sequel was made, named Drakken's Demise, also released for the Game Boy Advance, but the main question is... is it as bad as it's prequel? The answer, thankfully, is no. It's much better.


Everything that was wrong in Revenge of Monkey Fist has been taken out or made good in this game. You still play as Kim, you still go around saving the world, but it's a little different this time. For one, there is no real story in Drakken's Demise, you simply go around as Kim stopping various villains from doing bad things. That may sound like a bad thing, but this game seems to revolve more around it's gameplay, so the lack of a real story does not matter at all.


This game actually is a platformer, unlike the first game which felt more like a brawler, which shows that Kim seems to work better as a platforming genre than whatever the first game was supposed to be. You explore the stages more than you beat people up, and that makes the game all the more better. Kim is well known for her acrobatic finesse in the series, which is a result of her cheerleading, so this makes a lot of sense.

For starters, the password system is completely gone and there's a save feature in this game, which is great news since this game can get pretty hard and you'll find yourself dying quite a lot on the more challenging stages (unless you're a super gamer). There are around 20 levels in this game, which is a lot better than the previous game's measly eight.


As you can expect, Kim uses gadgets to work her way around, but unlike in Revenge of Monkey Fist, you don't need to find them and keep picking them up. You start off with them, saving you the tedious task of finding your gadgets to get you past certain sections. There are various types of gadgets, ranging from your grappling hook which is used in a different way to how it was in the other game, and the lipstick which creates some kind of gooey covering over holes which you can bounce on.


There are some nice changes to the stages - they're giant, and exploration is an element which is essential if you want to collect everything in the stages. Even after your first run-through, there's likely to still be things to collect which will warrant a return. Some stages have a ton of variety - there's not only your traditional platforming, but there's also a stage featuring you flying through the air shooting, and another one where you swim underwater. Even Rufus, Ron's pet naked mole rat, gets a piece of the action, finding his way through vents while under a time limit. The only gripe I have with Rufus' levels though, is that when you die, the timer does not go back to the beginning with Rufus, sometimes requiring you to reset the level to stand a fighting chance of getting through it in time.


You'll also be pleased to know that the lousy, repetitive boss battles in the first game are gone and the boss battles in this game are actually fun, even a little challenging. Some bosses require you to solve some kind of puzzle, whereas others involve beating the boss senseless until they go down. None of the bosses feel cheap, at least not considering the characters in the show.


The graphics are improved massively in this game. Kim's sprite looks beautiful. Forget all about that stick insect in the other game - she's long gone. The level design is pretty good too, and suits the artistic style of the actual cartoon. The music's also pretty awesome, and fits the surroundings well.


So overall, what else can I say? Well, this game can get pretty hard at times, certainly something children will struggle with, which can be a gripe if this game was aimed at kids. But slightly more experienced gamers will likely find the challenges tough but fair.


If you played Revenge of Monkey Fist, disliked/hated it, and found yourself never wanting anything to do with a Kim Possible game again because of it, think again. This game is great and does everything right, and it even offers a good challenge. It may be a little too tricky for kids, but some fans may enjoy it regardless.





Review by Swift.

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