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Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist

So the mediocrity.


I myself am a huge fan of the Kim Possible series and have been for a while now. It is partially because of this that I felt motivated to try some of the games revolving around the series, including this one, which was Kim's first game. And, for me, it's a mediocre mess.

Now don't get me wrong, I do not hate this game. However, I do feel it could have been a lot better than what it was. The story revolves around Kim's sidekick Ron going missing. It turns out the evil Dr. Drakken and Monkey Fist are teaming up to fight Kim too. So Kim has to find Ron and take down those dastardly villains!

The game for the most part plays well in terms of gameplay and there usually isn't much to gripe with. Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist for the most part is a side-scrolling brawler featuring you going through the level, beating up your enemies (which is odd since it's listed as a platformer everywhere I look so I'm assuming that's what it was probably intended to be). There are some elements of platforming, but for the most part sticks to gameplay revolving around you beating up your enemies. You can use gadgets in this game, namely lipstick (which is actually a laser) and little bombs disguised as tiny make-up kits.

The controls work well mostly, though there is the irritating wall jump ability, which instead of simply pressing the jump button whenever you hit the wall, you have to also press the d-pad in the direction you're jumping to, which makes the wall jump sections a little bit more difficult than they need to be. And where the fighting is concerned, you continuously tap the B button, which gets repetitive quite quickly.

The boss battles, for the most part, are pathetic. They all (barring the last boss) use the same formula and are incredibly easy to beat. The saddest thing about it is that these particular boss battles are against two of the toughest, most skilled antagonists in the series; Shego and Monkey Fist. You'd think they could do more to make the bosses more challenging, considering the toughness of these two characters in the actual series, but it's absolutely pitiful how the same formula is repeated over and over. The only boss battle that is any different is the last boss - Drakken - and he's the only boss that's somewhat challenging in this game. The other bosses are boring and repetitive.

There is no save feature in this game, which for the most part doesn't matter since the game only has eight levels in total, so it's quite a short game. Instead, however, they use passwords. So if you want to continue from a certain level, you either have to have a pretty good memory or have written the passwords down.


It is nice, however, that some of the levels actually blend in with episodes from the actual series, such as Sink or Swim and the episodes featuring Monkey Fist. But that isn't enough to save this game from it's mediocrity.


The graphics are okay for the most part, but Kim's sprite looks awful. She looks more like a stick insect than a human girl. Shego's sprite looks pretty bad too - she looks like a goldfish.


Oh, and I do not recall seeing Ron anywhere in this game. For a KP game, you'd expect to see the secondary main character, Kim's sidekick, here, wouldn't you? But no.

Overall, if you're a Kim Possible fan, you'll probably get a tiny bit more enjoyment out of this than the average gamer, but even then I cannot recommend this game. It had the potential to be something good, but there are too many niggling flaws to count. The levels are too short, brawling is repetitive, not enough platforming elements, the annoying passwords which you have to remember if you want to pass to a certain stage, the lousy boss battles... this game is just not that great.





Review by Swift.

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