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Super Mario 64 DS

Super Mario 64 DS is a solid remake of a classic.

Super Mario 64 was a brilliant game that was released on the Nintendo 64 back in 1996, around ten years ago now. Super Mario 64 DS, as you might have guessed, is a remake of that game for the Nintendo DS. The question is; does it live up to the original? Yes. Is it BETTER than the original? In my personal opinion, no, I personally believe the original is better. However, it doesn't stop this game from being a really good remake.

For those who have played the original version, you'll most likely know what to expect in terms of the storyline and levels you get to play. For those who don't, the general storyline is that Mario receives a letter from Peach, asking him to come to the castle, as she has baked him a cake. Mario arrives at the castle with Luigi and Wario (unlike the original where it was just Mario alone), and they go inside. They do not return and Yoshi goes in after them, to learn that Bowser has kidnapped them and the Princess, and is holding them all prisoner. As I said before, this game is a remake, not a port, so there is enough difference so the game feels fresher than before. You not only get to play as Mario, but you also get to play as Yoshi, Luigi and Wario; three of them need to be unlocked. What's more, there are more Stars to collect in this game than what there was in the original; there are now 150 Stars in comparison to the original's 120.

Gameplay-wise, it plays rather well, though considering this is the DS, there is no analog stick to control the characters with, but a directional pad. What's more, you don't automatically run around like you do in the original; you have to hold down the Y button to speed your character up, otherwise you'll end up walking around. There is the option to move around using the stylus, but I found that it complicated my playing of the game.

To bulk out the package, there are a total of 36 minigames which take advantage of the touch screen, which you can unlock by catching rabbits in the main adventure; they have the keys which wil enable you to unlock the minigames. What's more, there is a multiplayer mode, and you only need one cart to play the game with friends. The multiplayer game features you running around levels collecting Stars and coins; the player with the most Stars at the end of the time limit wins.

Graphically, the game looks better than the original, so it looks really good for a DS game, and quite detailed.

Sound-wise, the music matches the original music quite well, the sound effects are brilliant, and the voice-acting, while sometimes tinny, is funny and good as always.

With 150 Stars in this game to collect in the main adventure, 36 minigames, and a great multiplayer, there's plenty to do. With that being said, Super Mario 64 DS is definitely worth the money. It's not the perfect game; as I mentioned before, lack of an analog stick makes it a little uncomfortable sometimes, but for the most part, this is one game for the DS that I would definitely recommend. If you loved the original, you might like this. If you like Mario, you might like this. If you like platformers, you might like this. Overall, this game is worth it and I truly do recommend it.





Review by Swift.

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