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Wii Play

Wii no Play for long.

I went into my local Gamestation, and after selling two of my games, I put them towards buying this game. The main reason I bought this though, was for the Wii Remote. It wasn't much extra to buy the game with the remote.

This game is meant to teach you how to use your Wii Remote, and use different techniques with it. As you play through the game, you unlock more games - you only start off with the one game - playing it unlocks the second game, playing that unlocks the third game and so on. There are nine in total. But are they any good? Some you are likely to get fun out of on a regular basis, some were mediocre and others are pretty dull. You can choose to play it alone or with friends, but I will say the most fun you can get out of it is when you are playing against somebody else. Playing alone against the computer isn't a lot of fun after a while. In this game, much like with Wii Sports, you can earn medals ranging from bronze to gold, and much like Wii Sports, you can use your own Miis in this game which makes it a little bit more fun. The gameplay itself works in the way you expect (similar to Wii Sports) though sometimes the controls can be a little too sensitive.

You start off with Shooting Range, a game in which players shoot the targets, which range from balloons to alien ships! This game is meant to help beginner's learn to aim the Wii Remote where they want it to go.

You then unlock Find Mii, which relies on you finding which Mii is the odd one out, which Miis are identical, the fastest Mii etc. Of course, as you play on, the amount of Miis increase making things a little bit more difficult. Gets boring quickly.

Table Tennis is exactly as it sounds - you use your Mii to play Table Tennis, via swinging your Wii Remote as if you were playing Tennis in Wii Sports, but you have to move your Wii Remote to where the ball is.

Pose Mii gets easily dull after a while and is probably the least fun game in Wii Play. There are three different poses your Mii can be in, and you must match the poses in the falling bubbles. This gets slightly difficult after a while as the pace speeds up. This lasts for quite a while and as mentioned before, can get boring easily.

Laser hockey can be fun, especially in multiplayer. You tilt your Wii Remote and try to score goals while preventing the CPU/your friend from scoring goals themselves. Aiming the paddle shoots the ball in that direction.

Billiards is pretty good. Imagine you are playing a pool/snooker game. Of course you aim the ball with your remote, hold the B button, move the Remote back and shoot it forward while releasing the B button. Though sometimes the ball does not shoot forward at all when shooting the Wii Remote forward.

Fishing is pretty good, despite the fact that most of the time you merely have the line in the water. Try to catch as many fish as you can, to add points, but avoid the little brown fish, as catching them will subtract fifty points from your score. Charge is okay, not brilliant but okay. You hold the Wii Remote sideways, riding a horse alone a lane knocking over as many scarecrows as you can. Tilting the Wii Remote forward increases speed, and tilting it back decreases speed. There are also barriers you can jump. Knocking scarecrows over earns you points.

Tanks can be complicated for beginners. You can either use the Wii Remote d-pad or the Nunchuk to move the tank around. The objective is to destroy the tanks before they can destroy you. As with Charge, it's not brilliant, but it's okay.

Nowhere near as good as Wii Sports. If people are looking to buy this game believing it to be a masterpiece or at least as great as Wii Sports, it isn't. Don't get me wrong, the game is not bad. But it does not have a lot of replay value and gets dull after a while. Thankfully though, you can get a Wii Remote packed in with this, so there's no losses upon buying this game, as the game costs around 5 or $10 (depending on the country you live in) on top of the cost of the Wii Remote itself. Despite that though, this game probably won't hold your attention for long, and the most fun you will most likely get out of it is during multiplayer.





Review by Swift.

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