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Sonic Advance 3


Oh, so we're teaming up now?

So, the last game in the Sonic Advance trilogy. Was it better than the previous two games or not? Well, it's actually hard to say, because it truly depends on the player's opinion of the game. I personally enjoyed the second Advance game most out of the entire trilogy because of the sense of speed and the challenge it offered. This game though, is also a pretty amazing game.

The story is simple again, though with a difference so that it's not the same as the previous two Advance titles. Eggman's split the world into seven pieces, and it's up to Sonic and Tails to save the day and find their friends. As you can expect, because of this, you only begin the game with Sonic and Tails, and by going through certain third acts playing as Sonic with Tails as your partner, you'll later unlock Knuckles, Amy and Cream, each of which have their own unique abilities.

The gameplay uses something completely new to the Sonic Advance games – a team-up. Oh, this was used before in Sonic games, in Knuckles' Chaotix for the 32X but here it works so much better. For one, there's no ring binding the two characters of your choice together, so you don't feel as restricted. Secondly, each character can add or take away moves from the character you are playing. For example, if you choose to play as Sonic with Amy as his partner, that will take away Sonic's ability to jump in a ball and he can use a hammer like Amy can. If Cream's your partner, you can utilize Cheese to do all the work for you. You can glide on Knuckles; have Tails carry you around in the air or even speed-up if Sonic's your partner. It all works well, so no combination ever feels quite the same.

With that being said, this game is the unique game out of the three Sonic Advance titles, though it's certainly not in a bad way. Another good thing about Sonic Advance 3 is that you do not need to go through the same levels again with different characters. You only need to go through the levels once, and you can also change the characters at any point and continue on from where you left off before. This way, if a level is too difficult with the pair you're using, you can change the characters to see if another pair will get you through it easier. This is a very good thing to have and it lessens the repetition found in the previous two games.

This game is not as fast or as challenging as the second game, in my opinion, but it doesn't stop it from being good at all. There are multiple paths to take in each of the levels available, and what appears to be some kind of over world between each of the acts in the seven zones, so the game just feels a lot bigger than the previous two. The only really challenging part of this game is collecting the Chaos Emeralds, which requires you to find ten Chao per zone, find the key afterwards and enter the special stage. But other than that, this game is actually quite easy.

So what if you've had enough of the story mode? Well, there's a time attack option in which you can try and beat your records of time. There's a pretty cool multiplayer where you can hook up with your friends. The same two things that were found in the previous two Advance games, but good things to have nonetheless.

The graphics are once again superb, using the characters' more modern designs, and looking very good at doing so. The levels are colourful and fantastically designed. Though as for the music, it's not as good as what it was in the previous Advance titles, but it's still pretty decent. The one piece of music I loved though was the remix of Green Hill Zone. That was incredibly well done. There are also some voice-clips used in this game from the cast before 4kids came along, and they all sound very good in this game.

All I can say about this game now is, if you liked the first two Sonic Advance titles, you'll like this. If you like fast-paced platforming, you'll probably like this, even if it doesn't feel as fast as Sonic Advance 2. This is actually a pretty decent game. Some argue that this is the best handheld Sonic title so far. Personally, for me, I like Sonic Rush better, but this game is perhaps my third favourite handheld title (Sonic Advance 2 being second).





Review by Swift.

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