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Wii Sports

5 Sports = Good clean fun

I was very surprised when I finally got to play this as Wiis were very popular and hard to get. Anyway I tried out all the games on the Wii ands found the game very easy to master and fun to play too. You also get to create your own Mii on the console too which can be used as characters in this game. :P

There are five main games, boxing, bowling, baseball, tennis and golf...

Bowling - One of the best on there I reckon, easy to play and getting a strike is much easier there than it is in real life, It's just a case of holding the B button with the remote in front then swinging it back, then swinging the remote forward and releasing the B button, fun, simple and easy. Plus you can play this multiplayer with the same remote instead of using two.


Boxing - I didn't like this one much, it can be quite tiring compared to the others. This one requires the Nunchuk and the Remote and hitting them forwards. I didn't really get the hang of this one and didn't like it much.

Tennis - I didn't like this when I first tried it but now it's pretty fun, no buttons to press, just use the remote like a tennis racket. Easy enough to understand and fairly easy to beat your opponents and the Miis move by themselves so all you have to do is make sure you hit the ball. The only problem is that to play it multiplayer you have to have a second remote, which most people wouldn't have, but it is an awesome multiplayer for those who do have the remote.

Baseball - This one takes some getting used to, it's pretty hard to get the hang of, it is all about timing but once you play it enough and get the hang of it's okay, it's not a great game but it's not bad either. It just takes some practice. Multiplayer-wise you need a second remote and then it's exactly the same as the main game, except that whoever has the second remote plays the second team rather than it being computer-controlled.

Golf - This is okay if you know how hard to swing the club, it took me a while to get the hang of as I tended to either hit it too hard or too soft but once you
get the hang of it it's alright, plus theres a variety of courses from beginner to expert so it's suitable for anyone. It's just a case of holding the A button, swinging the remore backwards and then judging how hoard to hit it forwards.


Plus as well as these fun games there is the training option which has fifteen minigames, three for each of the main sports. These just give you a little challenge like hitting as many targets as possible in a tennis minigame or hitting as many punchbags in a boxing minigame or see how many hole-in-ones you can get in a golf minigames. These give you either a bronze, silver, gold or platinum medal based on your performance. I have a fair few gold, mostly silver and one or two bronze, the games are pretty easy once you get enough practice in.


Plus as well as the five main games and the training mini-games there is also the fitness option, which picks three training mini-games to play and then gives you a fitness age, with twenty being the best possible score. This is okay but can be annoying when they pick games that are hard or games you are unfamiliar with, plus they only let you do the fitness test once a day which is fairly unfair, plus once you start the fitness you can't stop it (well you could but you would not get a fitness age and would have to wait till the next day to play it again).

The sound effects and graphics are brilliant in this game, the scenery in golf, the atmosphere in bowling, the punching sound effects, they are all so real and really cool. So yeah, the Wii Sports is a great game to get you started on the many capabilities of the Wii and it was well worth the wait when I finally got it. An ideal game for sports fans and all general gaming fans.





Review by Flash.

Fans and their reviews of video-games. xD