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Disney's Kim Possible: Global Gemini
Kim's back and she's ready for action!


This is probably the second Kim Possible game I've properly played. I went into a game shop a few days ago, and bam! There it was, lying on a shelf, the only one left. I'd long been interested in this game, and believed it'd never be available in any other game shop so I bought it. But since I'm not here for story telling, I'll get on with telling you guys what I think.

The general storyline is that Gemini, the evil twin brother of Dr. Director (leader of Global Justice) has escaped from prison, kidnapped his twin sister and is aiming to crush GJ, and maybe even do the whole "take over the world" thing. What's more, he's even released Adrena Lynn and Motor Ed from prison. Of course, it's only ever up to our beloved teen hero, Kim Possible, and her goofy sidekick Ron Stoppable, to save the day.

I think this game is good. It definitely maintains elements from the second and third KP games. You get to play as both Kim and Ron in this game, and unlike in the third KP game where you have to control both characters in the same environment, you take control of them on different occasions, and you don't switch between them whenever you fancy.

Kim's the one with the smooth moves; she is acrobatic in that she can perform flips and jump off of walls. She can, of course, attack her enemies, and can utilize gadgets to get her past various areas. The five gadgets she can use will eventually all become available the more you progress through the game; the Grappling Hook is an obvious one which can be used to swing from ceilings and such to get across areas too large for an ordinary jump. The Glue Lipstick can be used to enable Kim to bounce to higher areas, the Mini-Chute is useful for getting her across large chasms, the Centurion Bracelet increases Kim's strength, enabling her to break through certain parts of walls, and there's the Field Detector Goggles which enables you to see invisible items and lasers.

Ron's gameplay is only mildly different to Kim's in that you are more likely to rely on his gadgets when playing him than you would playing Kim. Unlike Kim, Ron cannot double-jump nor can he jump off of walls. However, his gadgets are there to help you through his stages. The Watch Shield is for defending yourself against enemy attacks, considering Ron is not as strong as Kim is, though he too can dish out some attacks. The Rocket Boots is simply there to boost Ron's jumps, and is the most useful gadget to use when playing as Ron due to his inability to double-jump without them. Rufus, of course, is not a gadget, but can be used to get past several doors which are unblocked. The Buffoon Pants allow Ron to glide, and let him ride up columns of rising air. Finally, the Flash Bomb enables Ron to momentarily stun his non-robotic foes.

As you progress through the levels, you will often have to look for chips which will allow you to unlock doors which will help you complete stages so in some cases searching for these chips is a factor in stages. You can also unlock alternate outfits for Kim by looking for t-shirts in stages - collecting them all enables Kim to unlock outfits.

There are also special stages known as W.H.A.T stages, which is a place Kim can train herself. In truth, this is the one part of the game which feels like it has a bit of challenge, as everything else in the game is quite easy to do.

The Touch Screen is taken advantage of very little, but still in some aspects. Two stages in particular require you to use the Touch Screen to pursue Adrena Lynn/Motor Ed. You merely steer the snowboard or the moped (depending on the stage you do) to move Kim or Ron. The graphics aren't bad at all, for the DS, and it seems to stay true to the art style of Kim. Cutscenes generally revolve around speech-bubbles, meaning there is no real voice-acting in this game. So overall, nothing bad in the graphics department.

The music is okay, but there are times when the music can be used a little too often (in my personal view) and more variety of music could have been used, but overall, it's not bad.

Overall, I found this game good fun and an enjoyable play. There were a few things I had gripes with, namely the fact that the game is incredibly short, and what's more, very easy to beat, though considering the fact that it's aimed at younger KP fans, that's explainable. I felt more length could have been added to make this game more long-lasting. However, if you're looking for a fun game, regardless of the length, I could probably say this game was good fun. It's not the best game in the KP series of games, not by a long shot and it's not the best game on the DS. But it's nonetheless a good game that's given me a little bit of fun for a while. However, if you don't like easy games this is not for you.





Review by Swift.

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